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Aquarius Ascendant

You are brought into the world in Aquarius ascendant, which is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and is managed by Saturn. You will have a thick neck. You are tall and have an alluring and dynamic character. You have a bold and solid body. You give parcel of significance to confidence. You may confront resistance from companions and family members. You might be bare or may have dainty hair. You would have had some misery in your youth yet will be glad in the later piece of your life. You will get riches and property in the later piece of your life. You will have terrible impact from your siblings. You will be fortunate from the age of 24-25 years. You are a logician and are extremely curious. You are exceptionally scholarly and harmony cherishing. You continue to think about a wide range of things. You like to help other people. You have a sharp memory and are extremely speedy in your contemplations. You are candid. You will confront many good and bad times. You face numerous difficulties however are daring. You are careful and look into governmental issues. You additionally check out open foundations. You are attached to sports. You are liberal. You will possess land and riches however are a cautious high-roller. You are firm in your contemplations and activities. You like to go to gatherings and clubs and may have an awful standing. You don't care to show your feelings or love. You are canny. You like to have an informed and smart accomplice.

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